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Fitness Class Streams

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60 Free Days of Workout Class Streams

YMCA Virtual Workouts

Good House Keeping Digital Magazine offers 25 Free workout Streaming Videos

Core Power Yoga – Online Yoga Exercise Stream

Glo – Yoga, Meditation, And Pilates Classes

Barr3 – Curated Strength Conditioning And Cardio Classes

Crunch Live – On Demand Workouts From Crunch Gym

Tracy Anderson – Online Workout Studio Classes

Dance Body – Online Dance Based Workout Classes

Centr – Workout Lessons From Chris Hemsworth’s Team

Neou Fitness – Live And On Demand Workouts

Physique 57 – On Demand Library Of Workouts

Fitness + Wellness Apps

Mentally and physically fit via cell or PC.

 Digital Workouts Brought Straight To You

Your source for fitness memberships, workout classes, wellness services, and more, no matter where you are in the world

Your personal digital trainer for your favorite workout

Make meditation accessible to everyone

Nike Run Club – Running Partner App

Neou Fitness – Live And On Demand Workout Lesson App

Physique 57 – Instant Access App For Workout Library

Nike Training Club – Expertly Designed Workouts from Nike Master Trainers

Jazzercise – Cardio and Strength Workouts with Dance


Inspiration for the total you.

Hurdle features people who got through a tough time—a hurdle of sorts—by integrating wellness into their routines. 

A fun, entertaining, and enlightening look at health and fitness.

We talk with inspiring people who lead interesting lives on the run and beyond. 

Promoting strategies to increase healthspan, well-being, and cognitive and physical performance.

Fit for Thought looks at optimizing exercise with wearables

The Rich Roll Podcast Speaks with Some of the Most Inspiring Athletes about What Drives Them

Ted Talks Health Offers Talks on Health from Doctors and Researchers

Science Vs Discuss Health and Fitness Topics with Science Based Facts

The Dumbbells is a Fitness Podcast Hosted by Comedians Taking a Lighthearted Approach to Fitness

Students Fitness + Wellness

For the young amongst us.

Fun yoga and mindfulness videos

Weekly home workouts to help you get, stronger healthier and happier.

Help kids discover the power of quiet. 

Headspace for Kids

Online dance classes for all ages.

Get moving!

Home workouts for kids

Yoga and meditation for kids

Yoga for the young kids.

Songs and Nursery Rhymes for kids

Just Dance

Dancing for kids 

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