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“My heart longs for the life that was so rich in its simplicity and so pure in its every breath.” (Read More) – Channel 1: Residential Dashboard by WAM Partners
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“My heart longs for the life that was so rich in its simplicity and so pure in its every breath.” (Read More)

by wampartners on June 1, 2020

My heart longs for the life that was so rich in its simplicity and so pure in its every breath.
Life that seemed to know so little, yet so much in depth.
Life that seemed to lack eloquence in its speech yet spoke only of the raw truth.
Life that seemed to have so little to give yet gave so in abundance, unconditionally.

Turning back the years, some of the fondest memories from that life flash by in vivid imageries.
Our black tent standing tall and grounded like a loving mother who could turn territorial if ever her family was at harm’s reach, but otherwise welcomed all who were in need of shelter.
Adorned all around by greeneries and the most enchanting wild flowers in the summers, our home from the mountaintop defined ultimate beauty and bliss. The core to which I am eternally connected through my heartstrings – overcoming any physical distances from it.

Only about less than two hundred steps away from our home, ran the crystal-clear river upon which we depended for drinking, washing and most of all for us kids, fun swims on the hot days.
As it is said that all is well that ends well, after all the fun and mischiefs in the day, the sheer excitement of seeing our animals again in the evenings made the two ends to happiness meet at the completion of the day.

We knew our animals by heart: their names, their relationships, their peculiar characteristics and even their seemingly minor physical features such as that miniscule gray spot concealed behind the left ear of one of our relatively mellow members of the herd, Mellow Dri-chung.

As I helped my sisters with putting our herd to safety in the fence in the evenings, I looked around slowly to catch a panoramic view of their faces and smiled at the thought of how much fun they must have had on the mountains. For most of the days, my older sisters told me that they behaved well – munching on the grasses, sipping from the streams and when all full and content, walked around idly, played with each other or lied down to rest in the sun. But then there were days when it appeared that they had unanimously cooked up a perfect plan to have a little different kind of fun, unfortunately at the cost of my sisters. They would be restless throughout the day, running around for no apparent reasons and stirring up fights as if suddenly old grudges have resurfaced. But I for one knew very well that everything was all fine in their Kingdom. The day’s dramas amounted to nothing more than their mischievous desire to have some fun with my sisters by making them run after them, break off their fights and sparing no time to sit and play games with other herders on the mountains…

Now sipping from my cup of morning coffee, I am reminded that I must step off from this memory lane before walking down any further. But I shall leave the windows to their world ajar so that I can return in no time.



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